May Day!

If, like me, you find yourself feverishly bursting from the cocoon of your winter/rain season with renewed vigour and a true passion for life, you may want to keep reading. My experience of the beginning of spring is that of energy, creation. I find myself baking an entire batch of cookies just to appease a craving for one. My journals fill themselves in with ideas, deadlines, new concepts. This is the time that I reach out to friends and family for real one-on-one time. I want nothing more than to foster creativity in those I love, hear their dreams, and brainstorm with them on how to bring those dreams to fruition. 

With a head full of projects on the horizon and a heart full of flowers, it’s hard to take this season lightly.

But sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back to appreciate the fertility of the world around us. Even if it is just to remind ourselves that this feeling of spring fervour is happening to our neighbours, our gardens, our pets . . . Sometimes it seems that we aren’t as unique as we think, are we? 

In light of this revelation that we share this feeling of spring fever, tonight’s show will feature inspired pieces. Exploratory music born of play and sunshine. Music of the flowers and the the rain. Also, perhaps there will be a nod to the worker’s day as it’s celebrated. Today is a convergence of festivities, from political to pretty - fertility, ribbons, flowers and unity seem to be a few themes to play with on the show tonight.

With that in mind, here is a couple that represents a significant number of these themes, through play, they aim to rediscover what it means to distill the essence of an idea into music.

A guide to György Kurtág's music

So take that step back and listen to Counterpoint tonight on at 8pm EST for a great new take on spring, flowers, and PLAY!

Gyorgy and Marta Kurtag

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