Did you make a New Year's resolution this year?

As we try to struggle through our winter blues, doesn't it just seem that much more difficult to hold true to those ideals we wrote painstakingly on pieces of paper or journals at the end of the festive holiday season?

Most of the resolutions made by Counterpoint this year involved reaching out to you, the listeners, and remaining truer than true to the mission of delivering a variety of classical/art music pieces straight to your current location. Another resolution was to attempt to showcase the diversity of talent that exists in the contemporary music scene. Something that has begun to be achieved through the recent showcases of both all-female and Muslim composers in the past couple of months. 

Finally, in the music selected, I have tried to keep the pieces as approachable as possible. That means finding music that you can listen to and have it take you somewhere. This is your time to tune out of the daily grind, and to tune into something beautiful, complex, compelling, and new. Most importantly, these are pieces of our times. It's true, that sometimes I will harken back to the days of the early 1900s, or even pull out a Baroque bit or two just to to see how it holds up when paired with the new kids on the block's evolving sounds. But the idea is to listen to music that is responding to the sounds of our times. How will modern composers voice their political feelings about what is happening in Europe, or in the United States? Listen, and find out for yourself. 

Tonight, there will be a collage of contemporaries. From Florence Price to Mehmet Ali Sanlikol. The show will also include the incredible new release from Bela Fleck featuring a live recording of his Juno Concerto. 

So find yourself a beverage that's warming, (this could be tea or tequila, whatever works,) and sit back to listen to some of today's newest sounds and the composers that inspired them. 

Thanks for listening. Let's get through this winter together.




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