Welcome to Spring!

Do you see the patches of brown grass, curled up and waiting for its chance?

Have you noticed a bounce in the steps of people on the street?

Can you close your eyes, then open them only to be surprised at the slightly white landscape? 

Well then my friends, let's just call it "spring." It's been a tough winter and an unkind couple of weeks, but we've almost made it to the 21st, so instead of trying to create something that's not quite there, I'm going to try to focus on the second "official" day that has been bestowed upon the 20th of this lovely month. This is the international "Day of Happiness." 

Although some of us may feel like this is "NOT a happy day, not at all! This is a Monday!" "My life is in shambles!" "I feel like I'm breaking down!" Well, then maybe that's all the more reason to find the lift in the lyrics, the pseudo "spring" that seems to elude us. A wise man once told me to fake it 'till you make it and they'll never notice the difference. So let's just try shall we? We'll listen to the light to evade the dark and hope for the best that spring may bring.




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