Wood and wind and double-reeded beasts. . .

When looking for inspiration for tonight's Counterpoint, I turned to Marjan Mozetich for inspiration, who kindly guided me to a 2003 recording of Michael Sweeney and the Seiler Strings concerto for marimba and bassoon.  A match made in heaven? We shall see.  But the title of the album is Mozart and well beyond.  

Since Counterpoint endeavours to explore the outer realms of contemporary classical, I took this as a perfect opportunity to explore juxtapositions of sounds, styles, and the old and new contrasts that are sometimes forgotten in today's classical music.

If you've been listening, you'll know that this is my jam. New takes on old and revives newer sounds.  

If you feel like tingling your synapses with some "new" information on where old and new collide, try this article on Romanticism from the Met.  


  • Ellyanna

    That’s really thinking at an imvrsesipe level

  • Gracelyn

    Going to put this artcile to good use now.

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