What is Counterpoint?


noun coun·ter·point \ˈkau̇n-tər-ˌpȯint\
  • music : a combination of two or more melodies that are played together

  • : a melody played in combination with another

  • : something that is different from something else in usually a pleasing way


Welcome to Counterpoint, a one-hour classical experience, dedicated to opening up your mind to contemporary classical music and its founding sounds, along with detours to other genres along the way.

Today's popular music is broad, reaching far beyond what early rock'n'rollers could have dreamed.  Indie pop/alternative/hip-hop/rock music is constantly striving to redefine its sound through influences from all over the world.  But this genre-bending, widening of sound and influences has already come full circle when it comes to classical music.  

The show seeks to introduce you to classical music in smaller steps, with shorter pieces, (and maybe the occasional symphony.)  The idea is that if you want to listen to something that will really grab hold of you musically, peppering your usual playlist with a dose of classical may be just the thing.

It's entirely possible that some Stravinsky could pull you out of your writing rut.  Or perhaps something a little closer to home, like the exotic sounds of Dinuk Wijeratne's Juno award-winning piece to remind you of the beauty in the everyday. Whatever strikes a chord with you, consider this your own personal Counterpoint - a melody running alongside your everyday life, providing just enough contrast to the usual chords and harmonies.

The music you hear on this show reflects today's modern listener, many of the composers are still alive, maybe living in your neighbourhood! Even the early music pieces played are interpreted by modern artists who live lives just like you or I.  No wigs, no fantasy of bygone eras, this is our music from our time, for our time.