Classical DJ Service

Are you hosting an event that requires a certain type of refined sensibility in its ambient music? From Gallery vernissage to black tie fundraiser, Counterpoint can create your soundscape with a carefully curated music mix that showcases new, contemporary classical and world/experimental music to intertwine with the ambiance of your event.

If you’ve ever listened to an episode of Counterpoint, you’ll know that the music selected is most often lyrical, with an emphasis on diversity of instrumentation and composers. This can range from the eminently danceable sounds of latin-based tango or a blend of hip-hop DJ sets with a classical quartet to the more sensitive, emotional range of some of today’s young composers from around the world. Listening to an episode of Counterpoint will give you a good indication of what kind of music you can expect from a Counterpoint DJ. The added bonus? If you have a theme or a specific imagery associated with your event, Counterpoint will try to find a playlist that reflects that theme in its content, all the while showcasing incredible, fresh sounds from the newest releases in contemporary classical music.

 For more information on hiring a Counterpoint DJ for your event, please contact selina (at)